Theft Charges Are Serious

Have you been arrested for breaking-and-entering, burglary, robbery, grand theft, or other theft related offenses and are now out on bail? If so, take it very seriously. If convicted, you face consequences that could last for a very long time not to mention the jail or prison time you'll be facing.

Texas Theft Classes

There are different levels of theft charges in Texas. A Class C theft is for theft under $50 in value. Class B misdomeanor involves theft valuing between $50 and $500 and includes jail time. Class A charges are reserved for theft of over $500 to $1500. Any theft over $1500 is a felony with up to 2 years in jail.

Consequences of Theft

Consequences for theft offenses are not just limited to punishment of jail time or payment of fines. Other requirements you must fulfill for Class B or higher theft offences are probation for periods of 2 to 5 years, mandatory attendance of classes, and community service for a determined period of time.

Other Theft Consequences

Indirect consequences of theft conviction can last well beyond the jail and probation time you complete. Other consequences include difficulties finding a job or starting a career, obtaining state licences for conducting skill-related work, being denied credit, and the humiliation you face from family and friends.

Get A Fighting Chance

Don't just take what the district attorney or court-appointed attorney are offering you to settle your case. If you're in Texas, Contact an experienced criminal attorney Arlington Tx professonal to evaluate your case. The district attorney might have a weak case against you, or you might qualify for reduced sentencing options or dismissal of the charges.